We have our own podcast!

We have our own podcast!

Medievalists.net has entered the podcasting world – join Danièle Cybulskie (aka The Five-Minute Medievalist) on her new show The Medieval Podcast.

Each week Danièle will be joined by guests talking about the Middle Ages – historians, authors, filmmakers, musicians and more. We hope to tell the stories of how people are discovering the medieval past in a fun and informative way.

You can subscribe to The Medieval Podcast via iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts from.

In our opening show Danièle is joined by Peter Konieczny, the editor of Our Site, to give you a preview of what the show will be like and why we want to do a podcast.

You can learn more about Danièle Cybulskie through her articles here on Our Site, or her own website, and you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter @5MinMedievalist. You can buy her books The Five-Minute Medievalist and The Five-Minute Medievalist’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse through Amazon.com.

Watch the video: How to Start a Podcast on Your Phone. Anchor Podcast Tutorial 2020 (June 2021).