Medieval Survivals In Modern Rome

Medieval Survivals In Modern Rome


Transactions on the Built Environment: WITPress, Vol. 42, (1999)

An analysis of medieval buildings in Rome with “defensive” characteristics has been ongoing for the past four years (towers, fortified houses, fortifications on ancient monuments). The research, originally designed to provide a graphic database on architecture, developed to become systematic analysis of individual monuments, of their structural and utilitarian evolution through the ages to the present day. The paper will illustrate a series of cases in point. An additional objective of the research programme, which is inter-disciplinary, is to test non- destructive techniques on buildings to ascertain the various stages of their construction. At the same time, the idea was to produce a prototype.

For the past four years, the Institute for Technology applied to Cultural Heritage at the Italian National Research Council has been engaged in an analysis of fortified medieval buildings in Rome, such as towers, fortified houses and fortificationson ancientmonuments.The study of such buildings was begun by the Chair of Medieval Archaeology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. It later developed to become a project proper, with the financial support of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, as a part of a more general programme regarding the application of new technologies for cataloguing Italy’s cultural heritage.The project mainly consisted in compiling an architectonic filing system, or graphical and numerical database, according to the methods of the Italian Central Cataloguing and Documentation Institute(ICCD).

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