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History of the Ancient World

History of the Ancient World

HistoryoftheAncientWorld.com focuses on some of the civilizations from around the world prior to the year 1000. You can find news, articles, videos and more about the Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Mayans, Chinese and even prehistoric peoples.

Some of the posts you can read on History of the Ancient World include:

Egyptian brewing : the production of beer based on archaeological evidence – Production of beer in ancient Egypt was an important daily activity. Beer was an essential part of the nutrition of the ancient Egyptian as well as important in religious life.

The Madness of the Emperor Caligula – Throughout the centuries the name of Caligula has been synonymous with madness and infamy, sadism and perversion.

Aristotle and the Murder of Alexander – In the study of Aristotle’s thought there has been no systematic effort to examine the allegations in relation to Aristotle’s political philosophy.

Tweets of Antiquity: Project examines ancient graffiti – Comprehensive new collection illuminates popular history from Alexander the Great to the rise of Islam.

Roman brothel token discovered in London – The first known Roman brothel token to have been discovered in London and most likely Britain, is on temporary display at the Museum of London.

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