Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier

Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier

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Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier is a project and exhibition that examines the impact of “medievalism” on conceptions and representations of the Canadian frontier in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Directed by Kathryn Brush, Professor of Art History at the University of Western Ontario, the project has been developed by several graduate students and supported by the University of Western Ontario and the City of London.

This project not only analyzes diverse forms of medievalism carried to the New World by European colonists, who transformed the Canadian “wilderness” into knowable terms (e.g., by constructing medieval-inspired buildings), but also examines “medieval” Canada. Although Canada has never been considered to have had a “Middle Ages,” this project argues for a geographical and conceptual expansion of the term “Middle Ages”—the term itself is a construction—to embrace the Native North American cultures that flourished in Canada/Ontario during the era of the European Middle Ages. The project engages in particular with the era from ca. 800-1550 CE.

Medievalists.net was able to visit the exhibition, which was held at the Museum London and the University of Western Ontario in late 2010/early 2011. Here are two videos which showcase the project and its art work:

See also this video from the London Free Press

Images from the Exhibition


Mapping Medievalism at the Canadian Frontier – project website

The Modern Historian, the Canadian Medievalist, and other such Oxymorons – blog by Megan Arnott, a member of the project team

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